Meet Param Dhillon

Meet Param Dhillon

Founder & CEO of Whitefield Consulting

Some of the best leaders are those that carve their own path, those that redefine roles by rattling the cages of the conventional, and those that drive innovation to initiate evolution. It takes a new breed of leader to pilot and pave the way for a new breed of leadership to emerge.

Param Dhillon is the innovating executive to pioneer the next shift in the approach to transformational leadership. International coach and advisor, and former police sergeant, Param, is in a league of her own with a dossier of skills and expertise unlike any other.

Her unique career journey stems from the calling she always knew she had, the calling to work in public service. Answering this call, she went on to earning her BA in Political Science from the University of Waterloo, MA in Political Studies from University of Manitoba, and her dual Executive MBA from Cornell University (New York) and Queens University (Kingston, Ontario).

In 1998, Param was accepted into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as a peace officer. She dealt with the spectrum of policing duties and situations, everything from low to high profile criminal cases. You name it, she has done it. Within her time on active duty, she spent two decades devoted to educating the policing community.

From designing training curriculums and adapting programs to fit organizational needs at the local level, to delivering customized programs workshops around the world for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities; Param’s high demand as an industry expert was due to her presence as a leader, teacher, and team player: a triple threat presence. This positioned her as an innovative pioneer and earned her a Public Heroes Award from the Intercultural Dialogue Institute (Toronto). She garnered formal recognition and accolades from RCMP executives and senior management nationwide, external partners, and community organizations for her leadership, innovative approach to prevention, and progressive best practices. Yet the greatest reward to date, that she has received from her work as an officer to the people, is the special bonds that she formed with the people themselves.

After spending over two decades devoted to public service, she felt she had fulfilled her duty within the organization. It was time for her to serve the public in a different way. She had a deeper calling for more work with people; one that fosters a refreshing new version of empowerment, one that would be evolutionary, one leader at a time. Param founded Whitefield Consulting to deliver just that.

Leveraging her vast para-military and academic background alongside her numerous certifications and risk assessment tools, she fuses her extensive training in the Vedic sciences, to create an approach and methodology to functioning at optimum; or what she refers to as being calibrated. Using this holistic and systemic approach, the outcome is threefold: clarity, balance, and endurance.

Expert in organizational development, risk management, systems thinking, stakeholder engagement, and strategic human resources management, Param, utilizes this approach as a basis, to design practical approaches to driving progress, reforming, and reinventing the workplace. She has created ecosystems and communities within the workplace comprised of resilient individuals with strong mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. She works assiduously with select groups of individuals whose impact on their ecosystems rely heavily on their ability to function at optimum, by offering workshops, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions. The two groups that she appeals to are middle managers of organizations and professional women. Given her expertise, qualifications, and knowledge base built from her unique professional background, she is equipped with a deep and thorough understanding of human behavior. Param is well versed in understanding the playing field in which humans operate. Utilizing this, she is able to coach individuals how to become and remain calibrated.

The magic lies within the empowerment cultivated by increasing the individual’s level of awareness through understanding their astrological composition, also referred to as their “blueprint”. Param has undergone the tedious work herself to remain calibrated by understanding her own blueprint. From being dispatched in the rough-tough boondocks as a young female officer, to making her mark in an alpha-male environment climbing the ranks, then becoming a pillar of strength to women that’ve lost their power, supporting corporate leaders facing professional and personal crisis, teaching individuals to reclaim their confidence and power within themselves, she remained calibrated through it all.

Param has developed and delivered customized workshops to hundreds of professionals from various industries across Canada, The United States, The United Kingdom, and India, on a variety of topics including but not limited to: Systems Thinking; Understanding the Mind; Mental, Emotional, Physical and Social Resiliency; Personal Power; Decision-Making; Problem Solving; Role Modelling; Understanding the Playing Field; My Mind My Patterns; Know and Understand Yourself; Building Confidence Through ClarityTM; and Calibrated LeadershipTM.

The goal is to empower leaders of tomorrow to maximize their impact in their work, for their teams, and in all arenas that life places them in. Like a box of matches in a dark room, Param equips her clients with the tools to tackle the personal and professional arenas of life with an illuminated outlook.