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About Whitefield Consulting

In recent years, the world has undergone a global shift in mindset and practices.  As a result, some systems and methods of management are no longer adequate and consequently, a lack in the state of leadership and personal development developed.

Leadership constitutes a leader. What does this mean? How do individuals achieve this? How can they embody this? Leadership and Leader are two terms that are currently strewn about and saturated with numerous programs, books, methodologies, coaches, and even gurus that teach individuals how to become leaders. Utilizing a one-size-fits-all approach creates a disconnect. This disconnect is not caused by the individual or the approach itself, it lies in the gap in the foundation for which the individual and the teachings rests upon.

Whitefield Consulting closes that gap by translating Eastern philosophies to the Western constructs, enabling individuals with the tools to understand the principles and systems that govern them. Employing a holistic and systemic approach, founder and CEO, Param, teaches individuals how to become and maintain calibration.

Param understands the intricacies that drive human behavior at a micro-thought level. Micro-thought refers to any action that a human being engages in, first manifests in the form of a thought. From thoughts and ideas, we build mental models; from mental models we build patterns; from patterns, structures are built within us; then from those structures we react and act. This action is what we execute in the world. Like a domino effect, that action creates a reaction that reverberates in all domains present in our lives, impacting not just ourselves but those around us. This is pivotal for individuals who are decision makers, have dependants, positions of power, or operate in spheres of influence.

Whitefield Consulting focuses on calibration of the individual to promote a holistic and personally empowered workforce by innovating how people are able to achieve and advance their potential by helping them move past ineffective behavioural models and stagnation and building new frameworks and mental models to help them succeed and unleash their full potential. This is done by building mental, emotional, physical, and social resiliency.