Whitefield Consulting Worldwide

Whitefield Consulting Worldwide

Service is our mission

Whitefield Consulting Worldwide (WCW) is a leading consultancy specialized in career management, helping business pros and beginners alike to harmonise their professional aspirations with their personal goals.

Having instituted the Best Practices Guide focused on analysis, methodology, and strategy we can impact on your desire to build or change careers through counselling and MBA admissions.

The purpose of our firm has been to provide a seamless service to business professionals. We offer highly valuable solutions groomed to significantly enhance the dignity, skills, respect, and success of each of our clients.

The firm provides outstanding opportunities and networks to assist clients so that they can benefit from dedicated, accessible and focused resources.

All Consultants operating on behalf of WCW have been selected for their professional expertise within a diverse range of business practices in: management, marketing, industry, finance, technology, and education.

All members of WCW and its activities share a set of core values and meaningful purpose at a global and local level. Rooted in common understanding of what we stand for, our aspirations have been to build a great organization with an enduring social and ethical purpose.

With a network of agents in more than 50 countries, Whitefield Consulting Worldwide is committed to maintaining the highest levels of customer service, satisfaction, and support.

We have served people throughout Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. We are an independent body of executives, and have no vested interest or affiliation with any university, college or corporate organisation. This independence is vital to our clients' success and the ability of the firm to deliver the type of first-rate service and customer support that clients have come to relish.

The hallmark of our firm can be summed up in one statement:

"Service is our mission."