Nintendo officially announces the Nintendo Switch Lite

Kelley Robertson
July 11, 2019

As well as the regular colorful versions of the Nintendo Switch Lite there will also be a special Pokemon edition available near the launch.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available from September 20 and there's further information on Nintendo's website.

Supports handheld games (but some may need an additional Joy-Con) Nintendo Switch Lite supports all Nintendo Switch software that can be played in handheld mode. The device, which is out this fall, is a smaller version of the standard Switch, and as a result, it's less expensive than the console we have now. There are no Joy-Cons or motion controls and there's also no way to connect it to your TV.

The Switch Lite also loses a couple of modes-TV and tabletop.

Unlike the original Switch, the Lite version of the console is not created to be played on a TV, with Nintendo removing the USB-C connectivity from the console entirely, and ditching the detachable joycon controllers in favour of buttons and thumbsticks which are built directly into the Switch Lite's body. Nintendo Switch Lite games aren't going to be coming in at that $40 price point; you're still paying for fully immersible console experience at a $60 games price, but only as a portable device. As it turns out, there was some truth to these rumors, as Nintendo has just revealed the Nintendo Switch Mini.

Smaller Screen The Nintendo Switch Lite has a 5.5 inch LCD touch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution. It can last up to 7 hours depending on which game is played. It can play any of the games in the Switch library that support handheld mode. For example, Mario Tennis Aces' Swing Mode, which allows you to play with motion controls, can not be played unless you connect a Joy-Con controller. Joy-Con controllers (sold separately) are required to use these features. Nintendo has created a website where customers can compare Switch models to pick the device ideal for their needs. Ultimate; so many of Nintendo's top games have had core gameplay options removed for the price of $100 cheaper. Nintendo says that it will clearly mark games in retail packaging and online.

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