Everything you need to know about the new National Basketball Association replay procedure

Arnold Nichols
July 11, 2019

"My sense in the room today, when it comes to free agency and the rules around it, we have work to do", Silver said at his annual Board of Governor's press conference on Tuesday, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. Teams are not technically allowed to speak to free agents until free agency begins, though it's assumed that there's some connections being made here and there which allow players to agree to deals right when the period opens.

As with most years, news broke of several free agents and where they were headed well before the official start of free agency.

"I think you have unique circumstances with those players and those teams".

"My job is to enforce a fair set of rules for all our teams and a set of rules that are clear and make sense for everyone", he said. "The one conviction I have is that we should not have rules that are not strictly enforced".

While stating that he didn't want the league to overreact to one offseason, Silver did say they would explore rules that can be changed unilaterally, while identifying areas that need to be collectively bargained with the players.

On the National Basketball Association side, an event of that magnitude hasn't occurred to spur sweeping change but, on Tuesday, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski brought word that the league's Board of Governors have approved the ability for both coaches and the NBA's official replay center to "trigger instant replay".

A new "courtside administrator", hired and supervised by the League Office, will be stationed at the scorer's table to facilitate and expedite communication between the NBA Replay Center and the on-court referees.

"Trade demands are disheartening". I think what's best for the fan is a 30-team league which everyone has the opportunity to compete with a fair set of rules. A version of the Coach's Challenge has been in effect in the NBA G League for the last two seasons and is being used at MGM Resorts NBA Summer League 2019 will be adopted in the NBA on a one-year trial basis during the 2019-20 season.

The implementation of this process will also be of note, as the combination of coach-inspired challenges (even if they don't come with the always entertaining toss of a real, live flag).

Silver is right, in that players demanding trades are nothing new, not in the National Basketball Association or even other professional sports.

In order to challenge a play, coaches must have a timeout remaining, and the team must call a timeout immediately after the incident they wish to challenge takes place.

Woj also broke down the allowable challenges from a head coach.

A team can use its challenge in the following instances: a called personal foul charged to its own team, a called out-of-bounds violation or a called goaltending or basket interference violation.

The Replay Center will initiate reviews immediately this season in deciding 2-point vs. 3-point shots and determining shot-clock violations.

The penalty for attempting to challenge without a timeout is a technical foul and no challenge to the call will be given.

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