A$AP Rocky Being Held in Inhumane Conditions

Oscar Cross
July 10, 2019

Though the outcome wasn't jail like the one Rocky is now dealing with-the rapper has been behind bars since turning himself in on suspicion of assault on July 1-Sheck's situation was still not ideal.

The rapper, real name Rakim Meyers, is sleeping on a yoga mat without blankets and is housed in a cell next to a man with mental health issues who bangs his head against the wall and throws faeces "every which way", it is claimed.

While prosecutors argued for A$AP Rocky to remain confined for two weeks to complete their investigation, which the courts approved, Rocky has relayed that he can barely eat, drink or even breathe inside the place of his confinement.

Arrested for his involvement in a street fight that was allegedly provoked by two gentlemen follow ASAP Rocky and his crew, the rapper now waits to see how Swedish law enforcement will handle it all.

On Tuesday, a source told PEOPLE that the Swedish jail where A$AP Rocky is being held is "inhumane" and "horrific".

TMZ released a video on Monday (July 1), which reportedly shows A$AP Rocky and his crew beating up a man in Stockholm, Sweden.

One of the young men appeared to hit one of the rapper's team with a pair of headphones.

The US consulate believes this is because guards did not want them to see conditions inside the facility, the sources said.

If that wasn't enough, it has been revealed that the star's appeal was denied by Sweden's Supreme Court on Monday, July 8.

A$AP Rocky previously detailed the events leading up to the arrest to his 10.2 million Instagram followers.

ASAP Rocky is fighting for his freedom in Sweden as he faces up to 6 years in prison over a street brawl. As the treaty states, when a United States citizen is arrested on foreign soil, he or she must be granted a meeting with a U.S. Consulate. For the first five days, Rocky only ate an apple a day.

Shocked by the incident, some rappers including Tyler the Creator and Schoolboy Q have taken to social media to say they would never go to Sweden to perform again.

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