Hyundai Gets Behind FIFA Women's World Cup 07/08/2019

Arnold Nichols
July 8, 2019

Rapinoe said FIFA's decision to allow the Copa America final and the Gold Cup final to take place on the same day as the women's final was "unbelievable".

Hyundai Motor sponsoring the FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 with an array of activities. Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Colombia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea are also prospectve hosts for the next women's tournament.

"We will need to act more quickly if we want to have 32 teams already in 2023", Infantino said Friday. "Many people around the world have tuned in for the first time to watch a women's football match because of the event, because of FIFA, because the World Cup is always special to have".

Rose Lavelle rounded off the victory eight minutes later as the Americans added to their 1991, 1999 and 2015 world titles.

French Football Federation chief Noel Le Graet suggested playing the women's World Cup every two years, but more realistically he will hope the host country can significantly increase interest in club football.

Lindsey was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of "Fearless Football", an initiative set up by the social enterprise body Association Football Development Project (AFDP) Global and its founder, former FIFA presidential candidate Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan, aimed at eliminating abuse in the women's game.

Infantino revealed the plans today (Friday) ahead of the final of this year's World Cup between US and the Netherlands in Lyon, France on Sunday.

The prize money for the 2019 World Cup is $30 million, compared to $400 million for last year's Men's World Cup.

The men's Club World Cup has had 15 editions since being established in 2005 and is an annual tournament.

She is also annoyed that the Women's World Cup final will be one of three showpiece events happening on Sunday.

"And now we all play for a quite well-established women's football club and seeing that change over the last ten years has been unbelievable". "We have more than $2.7 billion reserves".

A number of the U.S. team - who have now won back-to-back World Cups - have a filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit, demanding equal pay. "There's no secret that we're sort of the leaders in the women's game on a lot of different issues - equality, pay equality, gender issues".

Infantino said if he had a choice to invest money in increasing the prize money to the winning nations of major competition or into grassroots of developing nations, he would choose the latter.

'We can not do anything more to impress more, to be better ambassadors, to take on more, to play better or do anything.

A separate women's World League national team tournament, which would feature a promotion and relegation system, has also been put forward by Infantino.

He said: "When I was told that some people criticise FIFA, well, you can criticise FIFA for many things and certainly many times you are right to criticise FIFA but we try to do the best especially in sensitive cases like this".

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