Samsung completes its Galaxy Fold redesign

Kelley Robertson
July 6, 2019

Samsung's decision to throw cameras on the right edge in the Galaxy S10 models has been one that has divided the community. Some have speculated a built-in camera for S Pen, especially after the Korean tech giant recently filed a patent to use S Pen as a camera. That might also get rid of the crease, though that's unlikely, especially considering this still considered a first-generation product. If the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Note 10 are released around the same time, interest in the foldable phone could be reduced.

Bloomberg's sources say that Samsung has now readied a fix for these problems, including by stretching the protective film across the entire screen and into "the outer bezels so it would be impossible to peel off by hand". The April 26 release was delayed because it wasn't abundantly clear to many that peeling the protective layer on top of the display would cause it to break.

That pressure makes the film feel harder and more a natural part of the device rather than a detachable accessory, they added.

The end of the seemingly never-ending Galaxy Fold saga might be nigh.

According to the research, Samsung would have sold nearly 16 million units since the launch of the new Galaxy S10 line.

In the invitation for the Note 10 event, Samsung highlighted a hole on the upcoming device's display with its signature S Pen.

It remains to be determined whether the Galaxy Fold will retain its original price tag of almost $2,000. However, it was postponed indefinitely after some early reviewers found issues with the nearly-$2,000 device. A new 15W wireless charger has been listed on FCC website, hinting Samsung may launch it in August.

Other than this cryptic message, Samsung isn't revealing anything else about this new phone although there have been plenty of leaks which already paint a pretty clear picture of what is to come. "It was embarrassing", Koh told a small group of reporters, the Independent reported.

As per the FCC listing, the company is testing a new 15W wireless charger.

But as Bloomberg reports, the foldable phone is soon to begin commercial production.

"Foldable will last a couple of years", he said. "Another form factor is a possibility", Koh said.

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