Tom Holland Was ‘Heartbroken’ His Into The Spider-Verse Cameo Was Cut

Oscar Cross
June 29, 2019

Tom Holland is Spider-Man in in "Spider-Man: Far From Home". I think he probably was, you know? There are crucial differences between Morales and other traditional Spider-Men, of course, namely in that his family is still alive, he inherits his Spider-Man mantle by having it passed on to him by a murdered previous Spider-Man and he isn't white (Morales is African American and Puerto Rican).

Mysterio was first introduced in issue 13 of the first series of "Amazing Spider-Man" as a master of illusion created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

"In 'Spider-Man: Far From Home, ' Peter Parker travels the globe, so it only made sense to enable augmented-reality effects for Spidey fans around the world", said Elias Plishner, EVP digital marketing, Sony Pictures Entertainment. (Zendaya)... but this is a character that classically never ever gets what he really wants out of life, and that's a trend that continues here.

Lobot, if you're wondering, is a human man who got his brain rattled in a fight with an Imperial Guard and had to get cybernetic implants as a result. In an interview with Popsugar, joined by his costars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon, he was asked to name Pepper Pott's real name. As a would-be mentor to Peter with the loss of Tony Stark, Mysterio is reminiscent at times of Spider-Verse'smiddle-aged Peter Benjamin Parker.

"Before that the only thing I'd seen was "Boys Don't Cry", which not only doesn't have a trans person in it but is a really brutal story, and the prospect of coming out wasn't super-exciting after seeing that", he recalled. "Remember we were in Spider-Man?" The MCU has already hinted at his presence through his uncle, Aaron Davis - in "Spider-Man: Homecoming", Davis (Donald Glover) mentions during an interrogation that he has a nephew living nearby.

Like any great "Spider-Man" movie, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" works because of its complex and relatable protagonists and memorable villains. It turns out that the creative team behind Spider-Man: Far From Home solved this by giving Holland a very long straw that went all the way from his drink of choice, through the eye socket on his costume, to his mouth. The smaller scale of Homecoming has been mostly left behind, as Far From Home ramps up the scope to what is referred to as "an Avengers-sized problem".

Gyllenhaal spoke of his joy at making his Marvel debut. The final scene where Spider-Man takes MJ on a swinging ride through New York City is as magical as Superman and Lois Lane's first flight in the original 1978 movie.

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