Apple releases public betas of iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina

Kelley Robertson
June 28, 2019

For the iOS 13, all they have to do is get on their iPhones and open the link on the device they want to try the pre-release software update on. Install the beta software only on non-production devices that are not business critical. Before you download the beta profile, check your device compatibility.

It's worth noting that the bugs range from minor inconveniences to things that could significantly alter the way you use certain apps, or the device itself. The public can finally get a taste of what's to come - all it takes is an Apple ID to sign up to the beta software program agreement.

I was playing with the first developer release of macOS Catalina before my MacBook Pro decided to make a popping noise, signifying the death of a logic board capacitor. Well, it's the cornerstone of downgrading from iOS 13. The full release of iOS 13 isn't expected to occur until this fall, alongside the launch of Apple's newest iPhone models, but this public beta offers a - potentially buggy - preview.

Next, head to the Install Profile section of the site and click on "Download Profile". Download the profile, then go into your Settings app and check for updates. We usually have to wait a few weeks for the public beta to be released, and today is that very day, the same as previous year when the public iOS 12 beta landed on June 25th. Yes, it looks exactly like a regular software update for iOS. All of Apple's native apps support dark mode, and developers will have the choice to enable the option in their third-party apps.

Apple this year split off the version of iOS that runs on iPads into a separate OS called iPadOS. iPad OS is very, very similar to iOS 13 but includes some special multitasking features that exploit the iPad's larger screen. Apple recommends taking a backup before installing the new OSes, and only installing it on non-production devices.

If you've got a spare iPhone or you're happy to risk the performance of your device (iOS could break at any time and render your device useless until you downgrade), then go for it! One of the hottest features of Apple's iOS 13 is Dark Mode. Apple also has its own version of street view that it says will let users explore cities "with an immersive 3D experience".

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