Alabama auto dealership offers free shotgun, bible, and American flag to customers

Ann Santiago
June 28, 2019

An Alabama auto dealership has gone viral for offering a free shotgun, a Bible and an American flag with the purchase of any vehicle as part of its Fourth of July promotion.

The rural American south is often stereotyped by the rest of the nation as being crazed over God, guns, and freedom-depending on who you ask, that assumption might not be too far off.

"It's grown a lot more than we anticipated", said Coby Palmer from Chatom Ford.

The dealership added that all those eligible to receive the gifts must be 18 or older, have valid identification, are allowed to legally purchase a vehicle, and have passed all checks associated with owning a gun "in state of residency". "I just want to reach out to everybody in the area and let y'all know we'll be celebrating July 4th a little bit differently this year. They're very proud of their country and nearly everybody here likes to hunt", he said, insisting the Fourth of July inspired campaign is meant to be patriotic, not political.

"Not only are they gonna get the great deals and service we provide here, they're also gonna get a Bible, and American flag and also a 12-gauge shotgun", Palmer said in the video, which shows the amenities that come with the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

Palmer placed a Bible upon the top of the tailgate of a truck that has an American flag draped across the tailgate. "It's not like we're just walking around and handing out guns". Once the background check clears, the customer must also present a bill of sale from the purchase of the vehicle to then get the gun free of charge. "It's a safe community".

As for the 12-gauge shotgun? He also said no one has to take the items if they don't want them.

Palmer said the sales team came up with the promo to align with his town's values.

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