Huawei has filed the trademark registration of HONGMENG OS in many countries

Kelley Robertson
June 17, 2019

The delay comes as Huawei phones face being cut off from updates of Google's Android operating system in the wake of a U.S. blacklist prohibiting American companies from doing business with the Chinese firm.

And ahead of this deadline Huawei has been busy developing a plan B in the event of a ban on Android access comes into force.

"Huawei is in the process of potentially launching a replacement", Williamson told Reuters, adding: "Presumably we'll be trying to put trademarks".

If Huawei's mission to sell Western consumers on a software platform devoid of Google services and possibly many other US-made apps didn't feel tricky enough, try imagining said OS being called Hongmeng.

Although all the Huawei smartphones will receive an update to Android, and it is unknown what will happen with the new devices of the manufacturer.

According to Huawei's Richard Yu, the company's proprietary OS is ready to be installed on all devices.

The executive order signed by US President Donald Trump in mid-May does not allow Huawei to use products developed by American products, and these include operating systems like Android and Windows.

He was meeting with officials in Europe to warn against buying Huawei equipment for next-generation mobile networks.

"It is a fair question to ask if one decides to go with Huawei and Huawei continues to be on our entity list, will Huawei be able to actually deliver what it promises any particular client", Jonathan Fritz, the US State Department's director for global communications policy, told reporters in Brussels. This confirms rumors that Huawei is working on a mobile operating system with the name Hongmeng.

On the other hand, the South China Morning Post put an article questioning whether Huawei's front-foot battle with the United States is survivable without concessions from talks between leaders Trump and Xi.

'Our preference will, of course, be Google and Android as we have been partners for many years, ' said Mr Pang.

Shared by website, it's confirmed that this build of EMUI 10 is running on Android Q, according to XDA Developers. The bluster was "a nice morale booster for the troops but belied the reality of Huawei's dependence on US core technology".

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