Klay goes down with knee injury, out for game

Arnold Nichols
June 15, 2019

Throwing back the clock less than 48 hours ago, Klay Thompson had vouched for an injured Kevin Durant, calling him more than just a Splash Brother after the injured forward ruptured his Achilles tendon when hoping to return from a month-long calf injury.

It wasn't until a bit after Love's tweet that the extent of Thompson's injury was made official.

He'd end his night with 30 points.

Kuzma went as far as to say the injury to Thompson is "karma" because of past injury history going in Golden State's favor. Thompson came down awkwardly on his left leg and fell to the ground while holding his knee. But it wasn't enough - the Raptors won 114-110 to finish off a 4-2 series victory and capture their first National Basketball Association championship.

The two-time MVP sat on the court as Thompson had to be helped back to the locker room. So instead, he came back out onto the floor to a big ovation and nailed both shots from the charity stripe. He was seen jogging in the hallways of Oracle Arena on his way to the Warriors' dressing room but was eventually ruled out. While this may be a small consolation prize for them given that the Warriors lost and that they have to endure the pain and ardor of rehabilitation, at least it will not also cost them millions of dollars. He returned and was a stalwart for the beleaguered Warriors group throughout the series.

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