Donald Trump accidentally reveals 'secret' Mexico migration plan, by waving it around

Saul Bowman
June 15, 2019

Asylum is at the core of Trump's concerns about a surge in undocumented immigration because a large proportion of the people apprehended at the U.S. This comes as House Democrats work to stop border wall construction.

Foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard, who led Mexico's negotiating team in Washington, repeated his denial that there is a secret annex to the deal. Donald Trump revealed that the deal is worked out between the two countries to suspend trade tariffs for uncertain period.

Mexican soldiers ride in the back of a pick up truck as they escort the caravan carrying Mexico's Minister of Defense, in Tapachula, Mexico, Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

Other details included a reference to "45 days" - the amount of time for Mexico to show it can reduce the flow of migrants across the border with the United States before other Latin American countries got involved in processing asylum claims.

President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto greets, then United States presidential candidate, Donald Trump during a meeting at Los Pinos in 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Ebrard explained that Mexico agreed to a 45-day timeline to demonstrate that its increased enforcement was effective. Mexico told us absolutely, I don't know where The Times got the story, ' Trump said Tuesday. And he has said that the Mexican government has not wanted to go public because "it would have to submit to its legislative body".

He also warned Mexico he would put his threat of tariffs into place if they did not decrease the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Last Friday, the U.S. President said he was dropping plans for tariffs on Mexico that he'd been threatening to impose for the previous week after the country promised new steps to stem an influx of illegal migration into the U.S.

He continued to hammer the point that until recently there was no arrangement with Mexico.

The president argued on Wednesday that the necessity for Mexico to avert tariffs and quickly reach an agreement has reinforced the bond between the two countries.

"If Mexico does a great job, then you're not going to have very many people coming up". "You would never have had that deal" without the threat, he said at the White House.

But it was Trump who secured the Mexican concessions, whenever they were made.

President Trump declined to say if Mexico, as part of their agreement with his administration, will become a safe third country for asylum seekers.

In the U.S., Customs and Border Protection announced it's sending an advisory team to Guatemala.

But Mexico faces huge pressure to deliver immediate results at the US-Mexican border, where American officials detained 144,000 migrants in May, up 32 per cent from April - including a record 89,000 in families.

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