E3 2019: Xbox Unveils Project Scarlet, 60 New Games

Kelley Robertson
June 12, 2019

With some clever sequencing and a somewhat considerable investment, you can secure yourself up to three years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a lot less than the actual price.

According to the new Xbox Scarlett post, the console will play games from every generation of Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass is a tremendous deal, offering players a Netflix-esque subscription service in which they can download a slew of top-quality games from the Xbox One's library. You can even add characters to the game through scannable cards that come with a few of the physical Gears of War Funko Pop figures.

Spencer mentioned that it's important to put xCloud's preview in the hands of the customers in October and to see what they have to say about it. By August, players will have access to over 100 games.

There still isn't much that's clear about Project Scarlett, Microsoft's follow-up to the Xbox One, which was revealed for the first time at the E3 conference in Los Angeles on 9 June. A list of the 100 games now available is available on the Xbox Wire blog. The console, Microsoft is saying, isn't the point any more: sure, you can play Halo Infinite on the Scarlett, but if you want to play it on the older Xbox One, you can.

Microsoft hasn't indicated the pricing plans for Project xCloud, or whether the service will be folded into one of its existing Game Pass subscriptions. As a launch game for Project Scarlett, the next Halo is still a ways off, but we don't know anything more about the game now than we did when Microsoft announced it at E3 a year ago.

Microsoft reiterated that Infinite runs on 343 Industries' "next-generation" game engine, known as Slipspace. This suggests that there will be some considerable differences between Scarlett and the current Xbox One in terms of hardware and platform support for backward compatibility. Microsoft is promising that this same collection will available to the next-gen gaming device and, therefore, they need time to make that happen. "It is about creating a new, unique experience, not trying to replicate what you have".

Microsoft also unveiled the new Xbox Elite controller at E3 today. Well, Microsoft just detailed its xCloud game streaming service on the hush-hush during its future of Xbox event yesterday.

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