More Xbox games are heading to Steam, and probably Epic Store too

Kelley Robertson
May 31, 2019

Spencer added: "We know millions of PC gamers trust Steam as a great source to buy PC games and we've heard the feedback that PC gamers would like choice". In addition to a rotating selection of over 100 games (many of which will be playable on Xbox One), Microsoft will be dumping the UWA (Universal Windows App) requirement and supporting Win32 applications.

In a post over on Xbox Wire, Microsoft notes that Game Pass will launch with titles from well-known PC game developers and publishers.

Microsoft has revealed more details about the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

In one of the less-detailed announcements of the pre-E3 season, Microsoft this morning officially confirmed it is bringing its "all-you-can-play" Game Pass subscription service to the PC.

Many gamers don't like UWP games because they're locked down, meaning players can't tweak the games and install mods - something many PC gamers are passionate about.

Games from Microsoft's own studios, including recent acquisitions Obsidian and inXile, will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC on the day they're released, just as they are on Xbox One.

Some of Microsoft's strategy games like Halo Wars have already been released on Steam, and the real prelude to today's announcement was the news that the Master Chief Collection will be rolling out on Steam this year, starting with Halo Reach.

Spencer also revealed that Win32 games will be available in the Microsoft Store in Windows 10.

Some Microsoft games are available on other PC gaming platforms but many are not. With a slate of new game modes and improved skating mechanics, you can cool down your summer on the ice. In a statement given to PCGamesN, the company's executive vice president of gaming, Phil Spencer, said that while more and more games will be heading to Steam, the option to buy games on other marketplaces might appear in future.

Microsoft acknowledges that Win32 is the "app format that game developers love to use and gamers love to play".

"When I think about the role we play as a company to support and evolve gaming on Windows, it's critical that we make decisions that reinforce the open nature of the PC, focusing on how best to unite players on all devices around the games they love", Spencer wrote.

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