Trump says Iran nuclear deal is achievable as sanctions sting

Saul Bowman
May 29, 2019

It follows a U.S. decision earlier this month to send an aircraft carrier strike force and B-52 bombers in a show of force against what Washington's leaders said they believed was an imminent Iranian plan to attack U.S. assets.

Trump, on a four-day visit to Japan, welcomed Abe's help in dealing with Iran after broadcaster NHK said Japan's leader is considering a trip to Tehran as early as mid-June.

Tehran insists that it will not hold direct talks with the USA government anytime soon despite Trump saying Washington would "like to talk" if Iran was ready.

Exactly a year later, Tehran announced that it would backtrack on some of its "voluntary" commitments under the Iran deal, giving European signatories 60 days to ensure that Iran's interests were protected under the agreement, a move that exacerbated US-Iranian tensions.

"Iran pays no attention to words; What matters to us is a change of approach and behavior". Zarif in his tweet also blamed Trump's economic pressure on Iran for the regional tensions.

Cooper quoted a Saturday tweet from the president where he said he wasn't "disturbed" by the communist dictatorship testing weapons, despite his "handpicked" National Security Advisor John Bolton saying the testing violated a United Nations resolution.

Mr Abe said Japan would do what it could on the Iran issue.

The Iranian government says the USA withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal has shown negotiating with Americans is a fool's errand and, as long as a meaningful reduction of sanctions remains unlikely, talking is a waste of time.

In a separate development, Iran's Ambassador to France Bahram Qassemi emphasised on Tuesday that "nuclear weapons have never had any place in the defence doctrine of the Islamic Republic". Bolton, who has spearheaded an increasingly hawkish U.S. policy on Iran, described recent bomb attacks on tankers off the United Arab Emirates and a pipeline pumping station in Saudi Arabia, as well as a rocket attack in Baghdad's Green Zone, as "manifestations of concern" about Iran.

The paper says Iran "continues to call for the overthrow of Arab governments, sends its agents to spy and sabotage, aiming at spreading chaos in Gulf countries, such as Bahrain and Kuwait and more recently off Fujairah and in Saudi Arabia".

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