Apple is keeping the iPod alive with a new model

Kelley Robertson
May 29, 2019

If you need a stand-alone music player, the iPod Touch is likely a good option as it supports everything iOS offers, minus the cellular connectivity.

The new iPod touch with 32GB of storage costs $199. We were also hoping for a brand new design with a larger screen, Touch ID, and other new features.

The new iPod touch starts at $199 for the 32 GB storage option and goes up to $399 for the 256 GB option.

In terms of colourways, the device can be obtained in Pink, Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Blue, and (PRODUCT) RED.

The new iPod touch, available now, fits into a lot of little, narrow cracks in Apple's market, though, and I think it will please a lot of people. That means it's not as powerful as Apple's latest iPhones, but there are still some upgrades over the last iPod touch. Somewhere along the line, Apple decided that iPhone buyers wanted sensible, grown-up colors from their smartphone.

The previous iPod touch's A8 processor only supported up to iOS 12.

The new chipset enables additional features.

One major upgrade in the iPod Touch is the A10 Fusion chip which also powers the iPhone 7 series. It will be coming Apple stores later this week.

Apple has refreshed its iPod touch with an all-new model - the first in four years. Although not advertised, the device will presumably have access to the company's Apple TV+ subscription later this fall too.

What can you do with the new iPod touch?

This is breaking news and we will update this post as we learn more.

The iPod touch can't connect to cellular networks. While the news may be exciting to some, it's easy to question just how well the product will sell considering how most phones have the capabilities to do what the new iPod is boasting about, and more.

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