Small group holds protest in Huntsville to speak out against abortion bans

Saul Bowman
May 24, 2019

Protesters flooded statehouses, town squares and courthouses all across the country Tuesday to protest new restrictions on abortion in eight states. "The majority of the voters each cycle are women, and I think that they're absolutely going to compete on this issue". "If abortion rights are taken away, people with money may find a way to have safe abortions, but for the lower class, they won't have the means to have a safe abortion or to take care of themselves". We say it is NY, it can't happen here.

Activists in St. Petersburg are planning a protest Tuesday in opposition to abortion bans across the country as part of the National Day of Action.

On Tuesday, pro-choice activists hosted more than 500 #StopTheBans rallies, with thousands of attendees across the country, in protest of the recent influx of abortion bans in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri, among others. "We don't agonize, we organize, and we can not let this happen to the families of America".

"I had postpartum depression and then severe delayed postpartum and that's what I was dealing with", she says. OR doesn't have any legal restrictions on abortions.

"We're not seeing right now in the Middle East and North Africa a desire to make laws more punitive and more restrictive for women who need abortions and providers", Hessini told Haaretz. The bill had previously failed to pass the state legislature when Republicans controlled the senate.

And certainly, female leadership in the anti-abortion movement doesn't make it "feminist" or empowering for women, as some conservatives like to pretend.

The document praises Alabama's law, which prohibits abortion at all stages of pregnancy unless a woman's life is threatened. Provides that the penalty for performing a dismemberment abortion is a Level 5 felony.

Biden has long had to navigate the complicated politics of abortion.

Susan B. Anthony's effort to secure women's right to vote is one that can be applied to the current abortion debate.

"I was just too young, I wasn't ready to have a child, and the fella I was with wasn't ready, either", said Emerson, of Martha's Vineyard.

As Bloch sees it though, the Alabama law is an entirely different weapon - one that's meant to bring the whole USA abortion law crashing down. Both Iran and Iraq also allow abortion in the case of rape and incest; in Saudi Arabia, the procedure is also allowed for women "to protect her physical and mental health". In Georgia, lawmakers enacted a so-called heartbeat law. For instance, can a baby be killed after its heartbeat can be detected? But he said he is even more concerned about "what the women will do once the doors close", should the Alabama ban actually go into effect.

Reed had an abortion about seven years ago, when she was 24 and felt unprepared to be a parent. She was only a teenager when she had an abortion. "Our voices are powerful", the group said on Twitter.

Anthony Romero, executive director at the America Civil Liberties Union, said important races are taking place even in 2019, including the gubernatorial election in Kentucky.

"That's not that different from an outright ban", said Dick Howard, an expert on the Supreme Court and constitutional law with the University of Virginia. A television set to a cable news channel aired a segment about Alabama's abortion law. Before Mike Pence became U.S. Vice President, he signed bills into law as Indiana's governor which would make it illegal to undergo an abortion for gender, race and disability and make it a requirement for women to undergo an ultrasound at least 18 hours before an abortion.

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