Bengal drives Modi comeback: Exit polls

Ann Santiago
May 22, 2019

Indian shares hit a record high yesterday after exit polls from its marathon election indicated a new term for Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In an audio message released on Monday, Priyanka Gandhi told Congress workers that exit polls were meant to discourage their morale and they should continue vigil outside strongrooms and counting centres till the final results are declared.

Gandhi has responded to such questions by saying that he does not wish to "pre-empt the wisdom of the people of India" and that 'we must wait till May 23 to know the will of the people'. Don't you know that previous exit polls have gone haywire? "Sometimes exit polls tend to be wrong and the results point towards a different trend but when all the exit polls indicate same thing, it will be a shocker if the real results will be different", said Panda.

But the political observers have been right in cautioning the market to temper the euphoria that the exit polls have triggered.

Exit polls are not new.

Mr Modi had to request special permission from the national poll watchdog for the trip as election rules prohibit any campaigning 48 hours before voting, the Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency said. What did they say in 2004, that the BJP-led NDA would return to power.

On Tuesday, a delegation of 21 opposition parties will assemble at the Constitution Club in Delhi before heading off to meet the Election Commission officials.

"The artificially engineered or manufactured Modi wave is being used by the BJP to lure regional parties well in advance to fill any shortfall after the results on May 23", said a miffed Kumaraswamy in a series of tweets. And lastly, he said, the huge chunk of voters who are under 22 have emerged as a huge support base for Modi.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) spokesperson Nawab Malik said that numerous exit polls results were contradicting themselves, so they lack credibility.

Congress may have won over the heartland, the BJP-ruled states during the State Elections but those same states - Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisgarh - are now singing Modi's tune when its comes down to the exit polls of the General Election 2019.

"To me, this election is very much a battle between voter accountability and party organization", Sircar said. ABP-Nielsen said the BJP would win nine seats in Odisha, compared to one in 2014. None of the major pollsters, except Today's Chanakya, had expected the NDA's tally would cross the 300-mark.

Aaj Tak-Axis My India data projections have predicted NDA's win with 62-68 seats in UP leaving Congress only two seats. It projected only 46 seats for the Congress and 82 for its allies.

In 2014, they won all 25 seats even though they lost to Congress in 2018 when it came time for the State Assembly Elections.

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