Oculus Rift S and Quest shipping on May 21

Kelley Robertson
May 4, 2019

It thinks Facebook's new Oculus Quest will sell almost 1.1m units, just ahead of 1m units of the Oculus Go, and 833k units of Sony's PlayStation VR.

The Oculus Quest is now available in two sizes: 64GB (AU$649) and 128GB (AU$799).

You can still pre-order a headset for yourself for delivery by May 24. The Rift S is a sequel to the original Oculus Rift and features some refinements to improve PC-powered VR gaming experiences. First off, the Rift S has an increased resolution; it'll display 1280x1440 per eye, 2560x1440 in total, although it now displays in 80Hz (down from 90Hz).

Each Oculus Quest kit includes a VR headset, two touch controllers, AA batteries, a power adapter, eyeglass spacer, and charging cable. You can read our full review of the Oculus Quest here.

Unlike the Valve Index, in the news earlier today, the Oculus Rift S seems relatively affordable and it is available in a single £399 / $499 ready to go pack.

The Quest is a different headset that does not need tracking devices or a PC to work.

Months after they debuted at last year's Oculus Connect conference, both of Oculus' new headsets are now available for pre-order in Australia.

Facebook announced the Oculus Rift S PC VR headset back at GDC in March. And for those that don't have a PC - or one that isn't VR capable - then the Oculus Quest is your answer. The controllers look to be the same as with the Rift S, offering six-degrees-of-freedom. In the United Kingdom and European Union countries, potential buyers will be served Curry PC World, FNAC, and MediaMarkt among other partners, while its availability in Japan will be handled by Amazon.

The Oculus Quest is retailing from US$399 while the Oculus Rift S also retails for US$399. Shipping for both products begins May 21.

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