UK's May under fire as Parliament returns from Brexit break

Saul Bowman
April 24, 2019

Rachel Johnson, sister of Conservative former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, sits on the stage during the launch of the Change UK European election campaign in Bristol.

"I have joined this remain alliance for three reasons: to stop Brexit, fix Britain, and move on to reform the EU".

Announcing her candidature to become an MEP representing the South West region for the Change UK - The Independent.

Nigel Farage, former leader of the right-wing anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party, has formed a new party, the Brexit Party, which all polls show is gathering significant support as the Conservatives in particular lose it.

Heidi Allen, the interim leader of the party now calling itself Change UK - The Independent Group, said 3,700 people had offered to stand in the European elections.

Candidates for the party, which is calling for a new referendum on Britain's European Union membership, include the former BBC broadcaster Gavin Esler and journalist Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris Johnson. Even if fellow party members vote her down this would not be enough to oust her as she already survived a no-confidence challenge in December 2018, making her immune until the end of this year.

"We are not afraid to say it as clearly as that".

"These people have been rumbled which is why there has been talk of "taking up a rifle, ' 'no more Mr Nice Guy, ' 'betrayal" and all that hate speech directed at people, including those of you in this room... It is a worldwide joke", he told the event.

"I have never been seriously anxious about the future of our country but I am now".

"We all share a burning desire to put trust back into our political system. We all know any version of Brexit will make us poorer as a country". "That would be a very serious situation-I don't pretend otherwise-but we aren't at that point", he said.

Launched in January by Farage and former UKIP spokesperson Catherine Blaiklock, the Brexit Party was Britain's highest polling party in a poll last week by YouGov on the public's voting intentions for the European elections.

Mr Esler, who has more than 40 years" experience in journalism, said: "I have never been a member of a political party but I am now.

CUK party cofounder Chuka Umunna, formerly of Labour, also detailed a number of defectors from the establishment Tory, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties, such as former Liberal Democrat MEP Diana Wallis, former Labour minister Jon Owen Jones, and former Conservative MP Neil Carmichael.

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