HBO jabs Trump for 'Game of Thrones' tweet on Mueller report

Oscar Cross
April 22, 2019

"For The Haters And The Radical Left Democrats-Game Over", Trump tweeted in a photoshopped image from "The Game of Thrones". About four million illegal views came from the USA where HBO is easily available, but people are not willing to pay for it.

Interestingly for Indian fans of Game Of Thrones, the most numbers of illegal viewership came from India followed by China. On Thursday, he once again took to tweeting about the recently released Mueller Report and used Game of Thrones to get his point across.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to pin down how many people exactly tuned in to a pirated version of Game of Thrones as not everybody watched the first episode alone. At the end of the day, the case could be made that such tweets - unusual as they are, coming from someone occupying the highest office in the land - could be regarded as parody, which is protected under the Fair Use act.

India had the highest rate of piracy, almost doubling that of runner up China.

"In Trump's corrupt mind, the "game" is over before we even get to see the complete results".

Between February and April, season one was the most commonly streamed season.

Over the course of the show, Sophie Turner's character, Sansa Stark, underwent massive personality changes, courtesy the tumultuous turn of events around her. What's interesting to note are the countries leading these figures where admittedly HBO is hard to legitimately access. It didn't help, added Chatterley, that the episode also leaked hours in advance of the premiere, "causing a frenzy on torrent and streaming sites".

"It's imperative that rights holders understand that piracy audiences are some of their most dedicated fans, which, above all else, presents a vast commercial opportunity".

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