Measles cases triple globally in 2019

Phillip Cunningham
April 19, 2019

The most recent outbreaks appears to have originated from travelers who visited countries experiencing outbreaks of the disease, including Israel, the Philippines and Ukraine.

A spike in case numbers was also reported for the United States and Thailand with relatively high levels of vaccination coverage.

"We are declaring a public health emergency". The surge is largely due to parents in insular communities refusing or failing to vaccinate their children based on misinformation and fearmongering about vaccine safety from anti-vaccine advocates.

Cases in NY and New Jersey occurred primarily among unvaccinated people in Orthodox Jewish communities. About 200 cases have been reported there.

"The plaintiffs further allege that measles can be actually be contracted and spread by the inoculation, and that vaccinating "[enhances] the risk of harm to the public" through a process referred to as viral shedding.

"This outbreak will continue to worsen, and the case count will grow if child-care programs and schools do not follow our direction", warns Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot. "That's been proven. There is no association whatsoever between the measles vaccine and autism".

The Health Department will have a meeting to discuss the order Wednesday.

"And that's how it started out".

More American families are bringing measles home with them after traveling overseas, Cohn says. "We did DNA fingerprinting, or genetic sequencing, essentially".

Those with symptoms should not go to school or work, and they should call their doctor before going to avoid potentially infecting others.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) yesterday confirmed seven new measles cases and one case of serious complication caused by an enterovirus infection.

'It's an attention grab, there's no question about it, ' Rockland County Executive Ed Day said - saying that health workers had faced resistance when investigating measles cases.

In the United States, the outbreaks have mostly been confined to tight-knit communities where vaccination rates are lower than the national average of more than 90 percent. In 2014, the Amish community in OH suffered an outbreak.

Health authorities have moved aggressively to prevent the disease from spreading. "But we'll see. Measles is really infectious".

This latest figure represents the second-highest number of measles cases reported since 2000 - when the United States declared the disease had been eliminated - and is already more than the totals for all of 2017 and 2018 combined. "Currently, we have not had a case in nearly 42 days". Violators could face a fine of $1,000. It provides exemptions for medical necessity and for those who can prove they are immune from the disease.

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