Doctors discover four live bees feeding on tears inside woman's eye

Saul Bowman
April 11, 2019

The Taiwanese woman, named He, visited a hospital with an eye infection.

There, doctors found the bees feeding on her tear ducts under her swollen eyelids, CTS said. Ms He felt something getting into her eye but assumed it was just dirt and washed it out.

She went to Fooyin University Hospital in her native Taiwan, where medics managed to remove the sweat bees in a "world first" procedure.

"I looked into the gap with a microscope and saw something black that looked like an insect leg", Dr Hong Chi Ting, an ophthalmology professor at the Fooyin University Hospital told the BBC.

A doctor was shocked to find the irritant was actually FOUR BEES which had been living in her eye!

And if you thought "living off her tears" sounded like Evanescence lyrics, the weeding the woman was doing?

Seeking medical attention after hours of agony, He went to a hospital in southern Taiwan the next morning in which doctors made the surprising discovery.

Known for their metallic colouring, the sweat bees range from 0.125 to 0.5 inches in length.

It was also noted by Hung that the situation could have been made worse had He been rubbing her eye, since the act would've likely killed the bees, causing a serious infection that would've led her to become blind, the Strait Times reported.

Hung pulled the sweat bees out of He's eye one at a time and under a microscope without damaging their bodies. Hung said they are attracted to human perspiration and are often found near graves, which is where he suggested the woman contracted the unwanted visitors in her eye.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, sweat bees - also known as Halictidae - are small but not aggressive. "Tears wouldn't stop coming out of my eye", she said.

Doctors say Ms He recovered her 80 per cent eyesight only because of the fact that she didn't rub them much.

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