US President Donald Trump says he has not read the Mueller report

Saul Bowman
April 8, 2019

And as Barr continues to withhold the full Mueller report, it remains to be seen whether the move was simply adherence to Department of Justice protocol- or a subversion of justice.

Allegations this week that the US Justice chief downplayed serious evidence of illegal obstruction by Trump in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final report are fuelling demands that he release the entire, unexpurgated document to Congress.

"The Sunday morning missive was a follow up to a much longer social media soliloquy from Saturday, in which the president accused Mueller's team of being "13 Angry Trump hating Dems", whose job ended up being a "total waste of time", after they spent "$30 million" and 22 months investigating every aspect of the president's life and campaign.

Suspicions are deep among Democrats that Barr took advantage of his position to clear Trump and now wants to keep the most damaging parts of the report secret to protect the White House. The Mueller team laid out evidence on both sides of the question in a way that neither established a crime nor exonerated Trump, according to Barr's letter.

"If these recent reports are accurate. then those summaries should be publicly released as soon as possible", Nadler said.

A lawyer for President Trump has blasted US House Democrats' request for six years of Mr Trump's tax returns as "a misguided attempt" to politicise the tax laws, accusing them of harassment and interference in IRS audits.

Trump appeared to be reacting to last week's reports in The New York Times and Washington Post that members of Mueller's team are frustrated with the way Attorney General William Barr portrayed the findings of their investigation.

Legal experts say he has wide discretion to determine what should not be revealed, meaning the fight over blacked-out boxes is likely to spawn months of fights between Congress and the Justice Department, and it may end up in the courts.

And Barr now says he will not release key evidence given to Mueller's grand jury, a special panel used by prosecutors in politically-sensitive cases.

The Kremlin has consistently denied any involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

The grand jury material is essential.

Nadler also called on Barr to produce "all communications" about the Mueller report between the special counsel's office and the Justice Department, including those on Barr's March 24 letter to Congress summarizing the investigation's main conclusions and the disclosure of the report to Congress and the public.

Then a Washington corporate attorney - but without knowledge of the internal work of the Russian Federation probe - Barr declared that "Mueller's obstruction theory is fatally misconceived" and based on "a novel and legally unsupportable reading of the law".

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