Man pretended to be missing boy

Saul Bowman
April 6, 2019

He was actually 23-year-old Brian Michael Rini of Medina, Ohio. Rini refused to be fingerprinted Wednesday and Thursday but agreed to a DNA test which on Thursday identified him as Rini, according to Braun.

It's unclear if Brian Rini has a lawyer who can speak on his behalf at this time.

When authorities arrived, he told them his name was Timmothy Pitzen and said he fled from two men who kept him captive for seven years, most recently at a nearby Red Roof Inn, according to a police report. The Louisville FBI announced Thursday afternoon that DNA tests attempting to match the boy's DNA to Pitzen's came back negative.

Rini was released from prison on March 7 after serving 18 months for a destructive party at a Brunswick Hills home.

The man, who police identified as Brian Rini, is listed as an inmate in the Hamilton County Jail and was booked about 11 a.m. Thursday, records show.

For a day and a half, relatives waited and hoped for a breakthrough.

Authorities determined that an OH man who claimed to have escaped from kidnappers and identified himself as the missing IL child is not Timmothy Pitzen, CNN reported.

The FBI discovered that Rini had twice before claimed to be a juvenile sex trafficking victim, and had been identified in those cases after he was fingerprinted.

"Unfortunately, that day will not be today", authorities said.

Anderson said her prayer has always been that when Timmothy was old enough, "he would find us if we couldn't find him".

Timmothy vanished after his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen, pulled him out of kindergarten early one day in the family's hometown of Aurora, Illinois, and took him on a two-day road trip to the zoo and a water park, but then killed herself at a hotel.

"On behalf of the United States, my heart does go out to the family of Timmothy Pitzen", Glassman said.

Police have said she might have dropped the boy off with a friend, noting that his vehicle seat and Spider-Man backpack were gone.

"It's devastating. It's like reliving that day all over again", Kara Jacobs, Timmothy's aunt, told CNN reporters.

The boy's grandmother Alana Anderson said: "It's been bad". Fry-Pitzen apparently committed suicide in an IL motel room and left behind a note saying that her son was in safe hands. She held out hope that if he's "in a place where he has communication with the media or a computer, that he'll remember us enough to look for us, and I think he will".

Rini said "he wished he had a father like Timmothy's because if he went missing, his father would just keep drinking", the Federal Bureau of Investigation said in court papers.

She added, "I feel so sorry for the young man who's obviously had a frightful time and felt the need to say he was somebody else".

Linda Ramirez, who lives nearby and knew the family, said she was "pretty excited" but didn't "want to have false hopes".

People who talked to Rini before police arrived said he was anxious and pleaded for help.

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