Valve Teases New VR Headset, More Info Coming In May

Kelley Robertson
April 2, 2019

On Friday, Valve officially teased its own VR headset, which is being coined the Valve Index.

Though Valve have helped to pioneer numerous underlying technologies that are commonplace throughout virtual reality, the company has never had their own publicly available VR headset. The upcoming Valve Index appears on the steam page with a tag line which says, "Upgrade your experience" and a May 2019 date.

Valve has begun the hype train today for its new VR headset.

Presumably the headset will focus on Steam, but Valve should leave the ability to connect to the platform's "Valve VR" concept with the Oculus Rift and existing HTC Vive hardware. To put things into perspective, the last Half-Life game or episode was released back in 2007. Ars Technica took the photo and increased the brightness and contrast, which offers a better look at the headset's sensors and design.

Half-Life 3 will see you playing as Gordon Freeman once again with the game powered by Valve's own next-gen Source 3.0 engine, which will be used to good effect in the new Orange Box. Additionally, we can see a giant physical slider, which is likely linked to interpupillary distance (IPD), a precise measurement needed to ensure maximum VR comfort.

In a move that caught many off-guard, Valve has just dropped a huge surprise on its community (or whatever is left of them). No!

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