US struggling with growing number of asylum seekers

Saul Bowman
April 2, 2019

March is on track for 100,000 border apprehensions, Homeland Security officials said, which would be the highest monthly number in more than a decade. CBC's Kim Brunhuber reports. The strain on resources is so dire it has caused CBP to release migrants into the USA after minimal background checks.

Those countries are the primary source of tens of thousands of migrants, including caravans of families with children, who have been presenting themselves at ports of entry and asking for political asylum in an escalating humanitarian crisis at the border.

He noted that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen wants to redeploy up to 2,000 CBP officers from ports of entry to sectors along the border to assist Border Patrol agents.

So far this year, Mexico has deported about 25,000 Central Americans.

On Saturday, the Department of State confirmed the decision by the occupant of the White House to cut the assistance to the nations of the so-called North Triangle (Honduran, El Salvador and Guatemala), a measure with which the Republican president had threatened previously.

"I called the numbers on the attorney list that they provided me, but they said they can not take my case because I am in Tijuana", Chavez said in the hearing.

As the rift continues to grow between U.S. President Donald Trump and the Mexican government over the flow of migrants across the countries' shared border, President Trump announced on Friday he was considering the "nuclear option" of closing the border altogether.

Trump has repeatedly said he would close the United States border with Mexico during his two years in office. He didn't qualify his threat with "or large sections", stating: "There is a very good likelihood I'll be closing the border next week, and that is just fine with me". He wrote: "Our detention areas are maxed out & we will take no more illegals". The closure of the border crossings would not get a handle on this problem.

Asked about migration in general and Trump's threat to shut the border specifically, Pope Francis told reporters as he returned from Morocco that "Builders of walls, be they made of razor wire or bricks, will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build". The move is part of the Trump administrtion's ongoing efforts to address the endless illegal immigration crisis at the southern border with Mexico.

Trump could turn to the section of immigration law that grants the president broad authority to prevent certain people from entering the county on national security grounds, legal experts said. Several political personalities took to Twitter to voice their support for the move, with some claiming closing the border is the "only solution at this point" and that the situation is "getting out of hand".

Instead of ensuring the flow of goods across the border, the inspectors are being put to work processing migrants, taking their applications for asylum and transporting them to holding centres.

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