How to play Snake on Google Maps for Android, iOS and desktop

Ann Santiago
April 2, 2019

In Google Maps' version of Snake, you control a train picking up tourists in certain cities around the world, as well as collecting food and landmarks for extra points. If that's too much of a hassle to you, we've got you covered: just visit on your mobile or desktop browser. Your goal is to pick up passengers for your train, which you do by running those passengers over without hitting yourself or the side of the game board.

Also, the game will remain on the Maps app for the rest of this week.

Remember Snake? It's back - in Google Maps form!

With the Snakes games, Google Maps will let you play it in different locations across the world, which will include Cairo, London, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo.

Its annual April Fools' Day joke involves turning Google Maps into a giant game of Snake. For now, you can open Maps, tap on the menu icon on the top left corner, then select "Play Snake".

This isn't the first time Google Maps has treated us all to a gaming classic, last year, in honour of Mario Day on 10 March (or to put it another way: MAR10), it added Mario in his little Kart to help you find your way.

Instead of animated snakes, the game represents different cities with buses and trains for users to choose from.

Desktop users can try the same by heading over to the standalone website created for the game.

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