Twitter app's dark mode gets even darker with an OLED-ready update

Kelley Robertson
April 1, 2019

The latest version of the company's mobile operating system brought a lot of extra white color to its apps, so the company is trying to counter that by releasing dark mode for its apps.

As previously mentioned, Dark Mode is now one of the most sought-after options in apps. That has finally arrived.

The new "Lights Out" mode takes advantage of OLED screens' ability to display pure black - they achieve this by turning off the pixels entirely to produce the darkest possible shade of black. If it has hit your devices, we suggest checking the "sound and display" option under the "Settings" menu provided in the app. Swipe right to check out our new dark mode. Given how long it takes Twitter to implement dark mode features across platforms, that might take quite a while.

In addition to this, Twitter also notes that the expansion of its dark mode options will open the door for it to build more accessibility color palettes and tools in future. Even though Twitter had it for a couple of years now, it was not black, which meant no advantage for OLED panels.

For those who prefer the Night mode, Twitter for iOS also has it, except the name is now Dim. Twitter says as much, arguing that a proper black background helps reduce eye strain in low-lit environments. It has been reported WhatsApp is also working on a dark mode for its app, which could launch in 2019. It gave no official word yet for Android users, unfortunately.

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