Spotify for two? Premium Duo could be the answer

Oscar Cross
March 29, 2019

Spotify has rolled a new subscription it calls "Premium Duo" into testing and - just as the name suggests - it's intended for two people living in the same house.

Primarily designed as a way to reduce password sharing, Premium Duo is cheaper than buying two separate Premium accounts. Spotify confirmed that Premium Duo is a thing in a statement to The Verge, which notes that the subscription runs €12.49, falling right in between the €9.99 Spotify charges for an individual Premium account and the €14.99 its family plan costs.

That price is roughly equivalent to $14, which might seem a little confusing since that's also close to the price of Spotify's family plan that allows for sharing between up to six people.

The Premium Duo plan is now available to Spotify users in Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland. $14) a month. It's flawless for couples and roommates, who would normally have to pay $19.98 a month for two accounts. Spotify has not said whether it plans to bring Premium Duo to other markets internationally, including Canada. But if you don't need that many accounts, there's now a middle-ground that's ideal for two.

In short, the idea here in terms of the pricing is to accommodate two people who would otherwise have to shell out a lot more for two individual subscriptions. It's available to new and existing users, and lets current users keep all their saved music, playlists, and recommendations. Users will also get a special playlist called Duo Mix, which takes the tastes of both subscribers into account. What's more, you will now have to confirm this address as part of the sign-up process when you choose a Premium Duo subscription.

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