Nintendo reportedly has two new Switch consoles in the works

Kelley Robertson
March 27, 2019

There are reportedly two separate Switch hardware revisions in the works, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. WSJ reports that Nintendo could announce these new consoles at the big E3 conference in June and release them soon after. The sources also claimed the cheaper version, like the 2DS, will be more "kid-proof".

WSJ reports the cheaper model won't have the vibration feature, which could mean it won't have the detachable Joy-Con controllers.

On the flip side, nothing much is known regarding the other version which will be priced much higher than the current Switch console. That pricier option would sport "enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers". Estimated prices for both models were not mentioned. Meanwhile, if you're looking to hop into Nintendo's family but you're short of the bucks and a relative's organs to sell so that you can afford one of the miracle devices, the more budget-friendly alternative is apparently created to cut as many costs as possible. The second would be a cheaper, more handheld-oriented version that would be for those looking for the ultimate casual experience - or to replace their decade-old 3DS. Reports are now suggesting that two new models are in production and could be launching at some point during 2019. At the time, there was only talk about a single revision, and it was unclear exactly what form it would take.

Either way, if you've been considering buying a Switch, you might wanna hold off for a few months.

Anyway, the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic piece of hardware, that suits a variety of needs. Details on if this device would even be playable in a docked mode were unknown, though comparisons were drawn to the Nintendo 2DS which came after the 3DS. It sold more than 32 million consoles worldwide in under two years, which is more than double the lifetime sales figure of the Wii U.

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