Walmart may be joining the video game streaming service battle

Kelley Robertson
March 24, 2019

Sure it's nice not to have to download a 50GB game, but if you are going to be downloading gigabytes worth of streamed data throughout your time with Stadia, what's the difference?

The news was from broken by 9to5Google last month, who in turn made found a report about the planned update on a Chromium Gerrit page.

For Google, Stadia unites the company's various efforts in gaming.

Stadia is set to release this year, but that's all that's known.

By using Chrome as the point of entry, Stadia promises a premium gaming experience to a wide variety of platforms: phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs. But we'll work hard to reduce the bandwidth required and increase the quality. It's also aiming to launch its service sometime this year.

Though it sounds like a pipe dream (and so many other streaming-focused gaming systems have crashed and burned), Google's showing looked damn impressive. At this stage, the American technology giant has refused to make comments on the new video game streaming service, but it became clear that one of the main objectives to Stadia is to attract new customers to the paid cloud computing program of Google.

Phil Harrison, Vice President of Google and leader of the Stadia product, claims that Stadia will 'stream at a number of different resolutions that match the bandwidth of your home, ' and will 'deliver the highest quality experience to you at the best possible bandwidth.' However, if this fails, people that can not afford high-speed broadband will not benefit from the service.

How would your connection fair when trying to play over Stadia? Despite my skepticism about Stadia's claims though, the promise of the service is so compelling that I hope Google can pull it off and will be paying close attention when Stadia launches later this year. However, while my new gaming computer will be expensive, I know it will be reliable.

Finally, we speak about the games we've been playing this week. Would the company be able to succeed in this unknown field?

The service is expected to launch in late 2019 in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and most of Europe.

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