Dave Gettleman: Giants Can Win While Building

Arnold Nichols
March 20, 2019

But when Cleveland general manager John Dorsey reached out to Gettleman last Tuesday, it set in motion a long day of negotiations that resulted in each side receiving what it was seeking in a trade.

Whether it's inheriting even more of the targets in the passing game (Barkley was targeted 121 times in 2018, while Beckham was targeted 124 times in 12 games), or his presence as part of the culture head coach Pat Shurmur is trying to build, in many ways the Giants are now Barkley's team. Gettleman referred to the deal as an acquisition of two first-rounders, considering Peppers was the 25th overall selection in 2017.

Gettleman did not shop the three-time Pro Bowler because he felt doing that would not give him the upper hand in trade talks. "Frankly, what changed is another team made an offer we couldn't refuse", he said.

"This was purely a football decision. As it turned out, the fact he was signed for five more years made him very attractive and allowed us to get legitimate value".

"Because of Odell's talent and personality, this was a decision we did not enter into lightly", said Gettleman, who has run the Giants since Jerry Reese was sacked in December 2017. "You're in a much better position of strength when teams call you". Odell was a tremendous talent making him a valuable asset.

Gettleman said the only call he initiated about Beckham was to the Bills after seeing their interest in Antonio Brown did not lead to a deal. "We're building. I don't understand why that is a question". This trade really won't be able to be completely evaluated until we get further down the road. Our plan is to address those positions, plain and simple.

"You gotta trust me". As it is clear that Manning's best days are behind him, Beckham was growing impatient with the direction that the team was going by keeping Manning.

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