$250 Million Lawsuit Against Twitter is the 'First of Many'

Saul Bowman
March 20, 2019

Legal analysts have largely maintained that internet platforms such as Twitter are not liable for most content posted by third parties, but the Nunes lawsuit claims Twitter was negligent and failed to enforce its own terms of service.

The lawsuit alleges that the Twitter accounts of Liz Mair, "Devin Nunes' Mom", and "Devin Nunes' Cow", were defamers maliciously spreading lies about him before and after his 2018 re-election, and that "Twitter did nothing" to self-regulate or stop the offensive accounts. The lawsuit says Twitter allowed "fake accounts" to slander Nunes, including one by a user who said they were Nunes' mother.

The suit also says the account "falsely stated that Nunes would probably join the "Proud Boys", "if it weren't for that unfortunate "no masturbating" rule, '" though it's not specified which part of that statement is the false bit".

The Twitter account, which has since been disabled, posted missives like: "Devin might be a unscrupulous, craven, back-stabbing, charlatan and traitor, but he's no Ted Cruz", according to the lawsuit.

Nunes claims the Twitter attacks against him were "pre-planned, calculated, orchestrated and undertaken" by several people over at least a year.

"Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats". He also said that Twitter tried to intimidate and interfere with his investigation as a member of the House Intelligence Committee into the Hilary Clinton campaign and alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Engadget reports that Nunes blames Twitter for his reduced majority in the 2018 election. Nunes' lawsuit accuses the company of censoring opposing viewpoints, and "ignoring" the complaints from its users of the abusive behavior.

And Twitter actively participated in the scheme, Nunes claims.

"Twitter is a machine", Biss told Fox News on Monday.

"This is more about than just conservatives, every American should care about this if they care about the First Amendment", said Nunes, on Fox New's Sean Hannity.

When anchor Sandra Smith pointed out that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has repeatedly argued that as a private company they have a right to operate as they see fit, Huckabee argued that Twitter has become "a public utility" as well a political organization.

Per the complaint, the account @DevinCow has no such disclaimer and caused Nunes "extreme pain and suffering" by calling him a "treasonous cowpoke" and an "udder-ly worthless" criminal. Devin Nunes' Mom retweeted false and defamatory content tweeted by Mair, and Mair encouraged her 37,000 followers to follow Devin Nunes' Cow. "We're just starting with Twitter", he added. By the time Nunes filed the lawsuit, Twitter had already suspended Devin Nunes' Mom.

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