O'Rourke's Wife Notably Silent in Campaign Announcement

Phillip Cunningham
March 16, 2019

"Whoever it is, I'll take him or her on", Trump told reporters in the Oval Office.

O'Rourke explained that he still believed the president deserved to be impeached, saying "it's beyond a shadow of a doubt to me that, if there was not collusion, there was at least the effort to collude with a foreign power, beyond the shadow of a doubt that if there was not obstruction of justice, there certainly was the effort to obstruct justice". "I think there's going to be people that. have their own money".

As with much else about O'Rourke, it's hard to say if his manner of speaking is born out of honest enthusiasm or if he's been made aware of studies like that and is attempting to work it into the packaging of himself as a candidate.

Klobuchar, asked about O'Rourke on Thursday, let out a hearty, "Welcome!"

I understand the appeal of nearly every politician, and I also understand why most of these preening weenies want to be president, but for the life of me I do not get the attraction to Beto O'Rourke.

Standing on a counter, removing pieces of clothing and constantly gesticulating, O'Rourke's hand movements were seized upon as remarkable if not downright odd and immediately headed into internet-meme territory. "The Democrats' newest presidential aspirant, Robert Francis O'Rourke-a former congressman and failed Senate candidate-has even gone so far as to suggest tearing down existing barriers at the southern border, which I'm sure thrilled all the good people of El Paso who don't live in a world of private planes and security details". By contrast Jane Sanders, wife of Vermont Sen.

Alice Davis, a retired teacher from Burlington, said O'Rourke "seems to be kind of a centrist, which I think we need".

- happysnarkygal2 (@happysnarkygal2) March 14, 2019Donald Trump on Beto O'Rourke: "Well, he's got a lot of hand movement. Is he insane or is that just how he acts?" and predicted victory over the eventual Democratic nominee.

Jennifer Palmieri, a former adviser to Obama and Clinton, said the Texan's raw talent would help raise the bar for the rest of the field. A few long-shot candidates, most notably Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, may also still get in before the field is set. But his advisers have been signaling to Democratic operatives in Iowa and New Hampshire that the former vice president is ready to make the leap, likely in early April.

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