Trump calls House resolution 'disgraceful'

Saul Bowman
March 11, 2019

"The Democrats have become an anti-Israel party, they've become an anti-Jewish party", Trump said Friday.

Asked to explain why 23 House Republicans voted to oppose the measure, McCarthy, who voted for the resolution, said during a news conference that Democrats had "watered down this amendment".

On Thursday, Pelosi helped push through a House resolution aimed at condemning "hate" with the support of Omar and other Democrats in Congress. "I think we deserve it".

Zeldin was one of just 23 Republicans to vote against the resolution, which Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wy.) called a "sham" and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) called a "deceitful way to give Omar cover". Also, every sane person understands this is merely a deflection from Omar's many anti-Semitic comments. President Trump has a long, well-documented history of offensive comments, from indulging several Jewish stereotypes while speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition in 2015, to claiming there were "very fine people" among those marching in the 2017 neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville.

They split sharply from Democratic leaders who seemed caught off guard by the support for Omar and unprepared for the debate.

The resolution approved Thursday condemns anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim discrimination and bigotry against minorities "as hateful expressions of intolerance".

A number of the House Republicans who voted against the resolution argued that Democrats should have directly rebuked Omar and her comments, but failed to do so because the resolution did not mention her by name or focus exclusively on rejecting anti-Semitism.

Fresh from a bruising fight over comments by her criticized as anti-Semitic, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar jumped back into the frying pan over the weekend, appearing to level harsh criticism at former USA president Barack Obama, then claiming she had been misquoted before seemingly backtracking.

"So I would've liked her to be named as having made a mistake that triggered this", he said.

Republicans, even those who voted for the resolution, criticized that it had been expanded to take the focus off anti-Semitism - and Omar.

Before the resolution was passed, Trump took to social media to blast "House Democrats" for failing to take a stronger stance against anti-Semitism.

"I don't think that the congresswoman perhaps appreciated the full weight of how it was heard by other people, although I don't believe it was intended in an anti-Semitic way", she explained.

But other Democrats wanted to broaden the resolution to include a rejection of all forms of racism and bigotry.

"Our nation is having a hard conversation and we believe this is great progress", they wrote.

"Let's be honest, we are here today because of rhetoric said by one member or this chamber, again and again and again", said Rep.

"It is absolutely shameful that Nancy Pelosi and Leader Hoyer and the Democratic leaders will not put her name in a resolution on the floor and condemn her remarks and remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee", Cheney said.

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