India returns key diplomat to Pakistan as tensions ease

Saul Bowman
March 10, 2019

He said Pakistan should take concrete steps "against terrorists and terror infrastructure" on its territory.

India on Saturday said its "non-military strike" on JeM camp in Pakistan achieved its desired objective and demonstrated the country's firm resolve to take decisive action against cross border "terrorism", PTI reported. India insists that the strike killed at least 250 terrorists, while Pakistan claims that Indian jets simply dropped their payloads on a hilltop without hurting anyone.

His article came days after Pakistan, under huge global pressure after the Pulwama terror attack and India's air strikes against a JeM terrorist camp in Balakot in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on February 26, started taking actions against some of the terrorist outfits and their leaders over the past few days.

Responding to a question, the official said India has given to the USA details of the violation of the end user agreement by Pakistan when it used F-16 fighter jets and advanced missiles against India on February 27. India said it lost only one aircraft. Subsequent reports spoke of one of them being the pilot of a Pakistani F-16 who was beaten to death by a mob that mistook him for an Indian pilot.

The statement also said Pakistan should explain why it continues to deny that its F-16 aircraft has been shot down when there are eye-witness accounts and electronic evidence, and if, as Pakistan claims, a second Indian aircraft was shot down, why it has not shown the fuselage or produced the pilot of that aircraft. "We have asked the United States to also examine whether the use of F16 against India is in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale", Kumar added. He also highlighted that the UN Security Council had unanimously issued a press statement in which they explicitly referred to the JeM as having claimed responsibility for the attack.

"Instead of taking action against terrorist groups, Pakistan escalated the situation and indulged in war hysteria by doing things like declaring emergency in Karachi, blocking air traffic and creating rumours, which is part of its familiar pattern", the official said, adding, "India on the other hand exercised restraint".

The Indian official questioned whether Pakistan was "defending the JeM and acting as its spokesperson?"

The Indian spokesman said "the widespread presence of terrorist camps in Pakistan is public knowledge within and outside Pakistan".

He accused Pakistan of failing to take any credible action against Jaish-e-Mohammed and other terrorist organizations, which he said continued to operate with impunity from Pakistan.

Interestingly, only four Chinese nationals opted to take up Pakistani citizenship.

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