Gayle King Speaks On Her Explosive R. Kelly Interview

Oscar Cross
March 10, 2019

'I'm not a controlling person, ' Kelly said.

Both the Savage and Clary parents have fiercely denied claims made by Kelly and their daughters on CBS this week that they had essentially offered their daughters to the singer and sought money from him. King also noted that she didn't feel threatened by any intentional physical danger from Kelly, but was concerned he might accidentally hit her.

Dana Perino: That was not Gayle King.

Gayle King's composure during an interview with an emotional R. Kelly about the sex abuse charges against the singer likely helped her more than any answers helped him.

They said they are in a relationship with Kelly and alleged that their parents have gone public with complaints against Kelly in an attempt to get money from him.

R. Kelly remains behind bars because he owes more than $161,000 in child support. "If you really look at that documentary...everybody said something bad about me. But what I do know is that those girls are going to need their [families] sooner rather than later".

Last month, Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in Chicago's Cook County. You can also purchase episodes of Surviving R. Kelly on Prime Video. "So to defend himself against allegations of weird and illegal and inappropriate sexual relationships, to prove he's a normal and respectful guy, R. Kelly brought in both of his live-in girlfriends to support him".

Family Of Joycelyn Savage Hold Press Conference Following R. Kelly Interview [VIDEO]

Both families have denied asking Kelly for money.

On the CBS interview, Clary and Savage were stylishly put together and swinging luxurious weaves that look like they cost a bundle. I've given you 30 years of my f****g career!

'My favorite restaurant, OK, is McDonald's 'cause I love my mom and I got memories of me and my mom when we used to go to McDonald's and we could only afford a Danish and a coffee, OK, ' he said to King during their CBS interview. She said her parents wanted her to do these things for the goal of blackmailing the singer. "I think everybody, everybody involved, needs help".

In the docuseries, Kramer is seen tracking her daughter to a hotel where she was staying with Kelly and convincing her to sneak out so they could leave.

During an interview on "CBS This Morning" this week, Timothy Savage said, "The only thing I've asked from R. Kelly is one thing: to see my daughter to make sure she's healthy and fine".

Emotions continued to run high in the full version of Gayle King's explosive interview with embattled singer R. Kelly, in an interview that is already being described as the 'biggest interview of the year'. "I want a relationship with my kids because I've missed a lot of years of their life". I do not know that girl.

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