Democrats with massive congressional investigation, pressure on Trump

Saul Bowman
March 7, 2019

With special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation seemingly approaching its end, Trump spoke of the "collusion delusion" and lashed out at newly empowered House Democrats who are opening new inquires involving him.

President Donald Trump cheerfully embraced the American flag as he came on stage to "God Bless the USA" playing in the background at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). 'We believe in the American dream, not in the socialist nightmare, ' he said after hugging the USA flag as he walked on stage.

With the Mueller investigation reportedly coming to an end, Trump criticized the probe as a "collusion delusion" and said that political foes were trying to take him out with "bullshit".

Nadler said it was "very clear" that Trump had obstructed justice, by repeatedly calling the Mueller probe a "witch hunt" and by trying to halt an investigation into his first national security advisor Mike Flynn, who subsequently admitted lying to the FBI over Russian contacts.

Cases now partially or fully in the hands of prosecutors outside of Mueller's team include those involving President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen and longtime Trump ally Roger Stone.

Trump also went after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, essentially accusing him of being a drag on the economy.

"They absolutely run the risk of overhyping it and overblowing it", Nowicki, 41, who voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, said in Reedsburg, in southwest Wisconson. The letter includes questions that look at possible corrupt practices, obstruction of justice, hush-money payments to women, collusion with Russian Federation during the 2016 elections and allegations of the President abusing his office and using it for personal gain.

Trump said Comey was Mueller's "best friend", and implied Comey should have been fired before Trump took office.

Democratic presidential candidates so far have not focused on the investigation on the campaign trail.

"But we see it totally different than Republicans", she said.

President Donald Trump rallied right-wing activists Saturday with a speech offering conservative red meat on immigration, trade and the threat of "socialism" as he sought to move on from a bruising week in domestic and worldwide politics.

"He's been talking for nearly two hours, one of the longest speeches I've ever heard the president make, certainly longer than the rallies I have been to", Gallacher said.

"Trump was asked Monday afternoon whether he would cooperate with the Democrats' demands".

"So I think the president is doing the right messaging on collusion, and then let Mueller report". They don't put it this way, but this is what they're really saying.

- Materials that might shed light on Trump's negotiations over the duration of a real estate project in Moscow, which Trump concealed from the voters even as the GOP primaries were underway.

He also said that Comey was sacked because he was "a bad, bad guy", CNN said. The "we the people" is interesting, since in 2018 a sizable popular majority elected Democrats to control the House and thus exercise oversight on Trump.

It's unclear whether Trump left talks in North Korea with leader Kim Jong Un over the Cohen talks.

Trump still painted the summit as "very productive".

Similarly, Trump also quoted Fox's Sean Hannity claiming that due to Democratic investigations, "we the people will now be subjected" to "modern-day McCarthyism". "We will also have to look at the whole body of improper and criminal actions by the president including those campaign finance crimes to determine whether they rise to the level of removal from office", Mr Schiff said.

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