Trump Ordered Aide to Give Kushner Security Clearance — NY Times

Saul Bowman
March 4, 2019

The Fox News host addressed the issue on "Shepard Smith Reporting" the day after The New York Times reported that Trump had dismissed concerns about Kushner and demanded last May that the White House senior adviser be given top-secret clearance - over the objection of intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, the New York Times landed a four-byline bombshell that says Trump ordered top officials to give his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a top-secret security clearance. The president directed his then-chief of staff, John Kelly, to approve the application - a move Kelly, who had expressed concerns about the entire process, later detailed in a memo.

Kushner, who serves as Senior Advisor to the President, is also the President's son-in-law. McGahn wrote a memo in which he advised against such clearance. "The career veterans?" the Times asked the president.

Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders declined to comment on the provision of official information.

But Cipollone has been resisting the committee's requests, arguing in a lengthy letter in February that Cummings is overstepping the committee's jurisdiction in trying to review individual security decision clearances.

But there was widespread concern in the White House about Kushner's lack of a permanent clearance. "Officials had raised questions about his own and his family's real estate business's ties to foreign governments and investors, and about initially unreported contacts he had with foreigners".

"You have to ask yourself ... what was it that these people were so concerned about?" They also remarked that Kushner was naive about foreign policy, which made him pliable, these people said. It's not clear that Rosenstein mentioned any specific problems. When determining whether to grant a clearance, officials look for ways that foreign governments might exert leverage on a USA official, and financial distress is one red flag. Generally, that information comes from the government's most sensitive human or technical sources. Cohen called Trump a "conman, cheat and racist" in opening remarks before proceeding to rip the United States president's reputation to shreds, detailing complex negotiations of hush money payments to women and much more of the dark side of Trumpworld.

But the president has denied any role in the matter.

The Times report contradicts claims by Trump, Kushner's lawyer Abbe D. Lowell, Ivanka Trump and others that Kushner received the clearance as a result of the normal process. "Again, officials affirmed at the time that the regular process occurred without any pressure".

"Props to Abby for catching her in her first public lie", she said of Ivanka.

At the time, Republicans controlled the House, and then-Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., joined Cummings in requesting more information about the process.

In a statement Thursday night, Cummings said the White House had not responded to that request. Cummings panel has subpoena power. In a January 23 letter, House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings stated the panel's intention to launch an in-depth investigation into the White House's security clearance process.

Kline, according to veteran White House security official Tricia Newbold, repeatedly overruled her team's determinations that a person should not receive a security clearance. He noted that both McGahn and Kelly had opposed granting Kushner top security clearance. The chairman said Cipollone "continue (s) to refuse to produce any of the documents and witnesses we requested".

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