Trump must enter Venezuela 'if he wants to be re-elected' in 2020

Saul Bowman
February 28, 2019

A month after Guaido declared himself interim president at an outdoor rally, hopes that support for Maduro inside the military would quickly crumble have faded.

Mr Maduro stormed out of an interview with the Miami-based channel Univision and later demanded the journalist questioning him be deported.

Effective today, the United States will impose additional sanctions on regime officials, including three border state governors implicated in last weekend's violence and a member of Maduro's inner circle.

Maduro has faced regional condemnation this week for violently driving back the opposition's attempts to bring in humanitarian aid.

"Patrushev also appeared to back the repression used by state security forces over the weekend, after four protesters were killed and a further 300 were injured as they attempted to force through US humanitarian aid into the crisis-stricken country".

Almost 300 people were injured and 37 hospitalized, as military members fired tear gas and sprayed rubber bullets into a crowd of protesters at Venezuela's border with Colombia over the weekend.

He denies there is a crisis despite overseeing a hyperinflationary economic meltdown that has spawned widespread food and medicine shortages.

The current USA regime also contains Michael Bolton, the man who pushed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 - a conflict which is increasingly being compared to the current situation.

Jorge Arreaza, Minister of the People's Power for Foreign Affairs in Venezuela called the violence on the border a failed "coup" and denounced the U.S. government for "organizing, financing, and leading this clear aggression against Venezuela".

A masked opposition demonstrator holds a United States flag after clashing with members of the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Guard at the Francisco de Paula Santander International Bridge, in Cucuta, Colombia, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019.

Backed by the U.S. and dozens of other countries, opposition leader Juan Guaidó has declared himself interim president.

"We announced some sanctions yesterday". Both the USA and Russian Federation wield veto power at the United Nations and are likely to block each other's resolutions.

Moscow and Washington have been circulating rival resolutions on the Venezuelan crisis to a divided Security Council. "So what would happen if Cuba, Venezuela, or Nicaragua were to come up with a convoy to try to force through the southern border to get to the population of the south of the United States for this humanitarian emergency, saying that was a humanitarian assistance effort?"

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