B.C. looking into vaccination registry due to measles outbreak: health minister

Phillip Cunningham
February 23, 2019

Complications include ear infections that can lead to deafness, blindness, pneumonia and encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain. The measles vaccination can quickly protect an individual as soon as it is administered, keeping them safe from being able to contract the deadly infectious disease.

Measles is spread through airborne droplets after an infected person coughs or sneezes.

A total of 725 people contracted measles in Quebec that year, with 678 cases stemming from one adult who may have contracted the disease while on holiday in the Caribbean or at the Montreal airport.

Duque earlier said the outbreak in the regions may wane in April.

He said he hoped that the measles outbreak would make state officials realize that they needed to get stricter on exemptions.

Such a system would be aimed at boosting the proportion of residents in the province who are vaccinated against the highly contagious disease, he said.

Stefania has done a series of media interviews asking the BC NDP government to make vaccinations mandatory - at least for school-aged children.

"If you feel you have been exposed to measles and have symptoms, call your doctor in advance of an appointment", Mema said. Two doses of MMR vaccine is 99% effective at preventing measles. Most people born before 1978 have had measles infection and will not get measles again.

According to Dr. Alan Melnick, director of public health for Clark County, Wash., an unvaccinated person can be in the room two hours after someone with measles has left, and still contract the disease.

People who can not be vaccinated, including infants, people with certain underlying health conditions and those undergoing chemotherapy, rely on high levels of immunity within communities to protect them from the disease.

Provinces such as Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick already require that children be vaccinated to attend public schools. She is, however, in favour of making parents provide proof of vaccination when registering a child for school - meaning that parents would have to either declare that they are choosing not to vaccinate, or provide their child's vaccination record.

Katie Clunn of Maple Ridge, B.C., who started the online petition, said vaccination is not only about protecting one's own children, but "others as well".

The Iowa state Senate Tuesday rejected a bill Tuesday that would have prohibited health insurance providers and insurance companies from discriminating against people who refuse to get vaccinated.

"I think youth have adapted along with the Internet and have a better sense of which sources are reliable, and with so much information there now, can compare information easily", she said.

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