Disney is the latest to pull YouTube ads after child exploitation discovery

Kelley Robertson
February 22, 2019

Companies are pulling their advertising campaigns from YouTube amid reports that a network of pedophiles is openly operating in the comments sections of videos of young children, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

The companies acted after a YouTube user posted a video this week to point out this behavior. Once you encounter one video carrying the pedophilia-related comments, YouTube will suggest more videos that carry the same illegal comments, according to Watson.

At the time, those companies also pulled ads amid the controversy.

YouTube told Ars that it has taken action against users violating its policies this week, including by terminating more than 400 channels, deleting accounts, and disabling comments on tens of millions of videos.

While YouTube has suffered from unsafe and pedophilic content for some time, the site has since given a decisive response to this recent exposure of apparent predatory culture across the platform. It has also disabled comments of millions of more videos depicting minors. After searching specific terms and clicking a few videos, his entire recommended section was filled with videos of children, and almost all of these videos had inappropriate comments beneath them.

"We have paused all pre-roll advertising", said a spokesperson from Epic to CNBC.

"There's more to be done, and we continue to work to improve and catch abuse more quickly", the representative added.

"Through our advertising agency, we have reached out to Google/YouTube to determine actions they'll take to eliminate this type of content from their service", an Epic Games spokesperson said.

"We immediately stopped all advertising on Youtube and asked the company to explain how it could happen that advertising of our company was placed in an environment that we strictly reject and consider highly reprehensible ethically. Dr".

YouTube is trying hard to clear out disturbing content. "It goes against everything our company stands for".

Matt Watson published a video on YouTube showing how the platform's algorithm was guiding users down a path of inappropriate content featuring young girls.

YouTube has previously grappled with publishing exploitative videos of children. YouTube now does not allow users under 13 to create or own accounts. Videos depicted the deaths of beloved cartoon characters and real children in distressing situations. Once some of these videos are viewed, Wired said YouTube's algorithm surfaces videos that appear to be popular with other pedophiles.

Purina, Fairlife, Canada Goose, Vitacost and GNC have all suspended their ads on YouTube until further review is completed. Some have criticised him for going public with his claims that paedophiles were using the site's comments section.

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