O'Rourke says there's 'nothing to be afraid of'

Saul Bowman
February 13, 2019

Texas Tribune: "Donald Trump and Beto O'Rourke go head-to-head in El Paso" - "President Donald Trump kicked off his first major rally of the year here the same way he campaigned during his successful 2016 bid: by unleashing a torrent of criticism on the media, pushing back against allegations of collusion with Russian Federation, and promising once more to end illegal immigration and build a wall on the southern border". He boasted, "Today we started a big attractive wall right on the Rio Grande, right smack on the Rio Grande", and accused Democrats of opposing walls and being for open borders.

A supporter of President Donald Trump's proposed border wall holds a sign at a rally for the president at the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas, on Monday. Lawmakers agreed in late January to reopen the government and negotiate on border security issues, including the wall, before funding lapsed again on February 15.

"I have to study it".

Mr. Trump slammed pessimism around his efforts to curtail North Korea's nuclear ambitions, cheered his trade talks with China and said Virginia would turn into a red state amid a multi-pronged scandals over blackface and sexual assaults that have engulfed Democrats.

Negotiators felt the deal would prove sufficient to fund all government operations through the end of September, potentially removing shutdown threats for the remainder of the fiscal year.

The Republican president sent mixed messages about another shutdown.

Congressional Republicans have shown little appetite for another shutdown after taking heavy criticism over the prior one.

It was a ideal setting for Trump to draw out the contrasts between his GOP and the Democratic Party heading into the 2020 cycle.

He appeared impressed Monday night while describing the drug-detecting abilities of German shepherds that work for the U.S. Secret Service, but he also made it abundantly clear that he can get by in his daily life without the slobbery canine companionship that many of his predecessors welcomed.

Some conservative lawmakers are already criticizing the deal. He said the state will likely turn Republican following the controversy. There were also signs decrying Trump and his border wall - such as "Trump made America hate again" - and chants from the crowd that included "Make tacos, not walls!"

"We're building the wall anyway", Mr. Trump said, reiterating his talking points against Democratic demands and saying construction was in progress. Democrats have called the project expensive, ineffective and immoral.

The clash in El Paso came as Trump and some of his Democratic opponents are engaging one another directly in the run-up to a general election that is more than 600 days away.

He added that people have asked and told him it's "good politically" to have a dog, but he rebuked the suggestion, saying, "That's not the relationship I have with my people". "Lots of questions too". Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., says the full details will be released when the drafting of the bill is complete - a process that could be finished on Tuesday, at the earliest. "We can not shut the government down".

It still has to be written into legislation, pass both chambers of Congress and get Trump's approval before Friday night to avoid a partial government shutdown. There is quite simply no other way to parse what he said. He claimed: "That may be the end of his presidential bid".

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