O'Rourke to Lead Anti-Wall March During Trump Texas Rally

Saul Bowman
February 10, 2019

In the big speech, Mr. Trump pointed to El Paso as proof that walls work, saying a border fence tamed a city that used to be one of the country's most unsafe places.

Miguel Riquelme, the Governor of Coahuila, a Mexican state near the USA border, told local newspapers that he will not allow more migrants to travel through the area. The caravan is the first in recent months to head toward Texas instead of California.

Coahuila state Gov. Miguel Angel Riquelme said the Central American migrants arrived late Monday aboard 49 buses from the cities of Saltillo and Arteaga. Only those who receive a Mexican humanitarian visitor visa will be allowed to leave the factory premises.

The area from Piedras Negras east to Nuevo Laredo has always been dominated by the now-fragmented Zetas cartel.

"We didn't want to run the risks of them traveling in open trucks", Borrego said.

More than 400 miles (644 km) east, along the U.S. -Mexico line, the crowd at the Republican headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, cheered and one man yelled "yeah!" as Trump promised a wall would make "illegal crossings go way, way down".

About 16 to 20 cases can be processed each day, said Paul Del Rincon, port director for the Eagle Pass Port of Entry.

"What I'd like to hear, rather than elected officials telling me, I'd rather hear Homeland Security telling me what they recommend for control of our border", Margo said.

CBP officers were seen on one bridge this week conducting exercises with riot gear and shields. There to meet them in Eagle Pass are at least 500 Texas State Troopers, numerous sheriff deputies and 250 federal troops brought in from other spots along the southern border.

There appears to be some frustration.

A fact check by the El Paso Times found that the crime rate was decreasing in the city before the border fence, as crime rates fell nationwide from the high levels of the 1990s. Democrats, so far, have resisted giving them the tools they've said are critical to keeping the border secure.

On the Texas side, a long line of law enforcement vehicles guarded the US side of the Rio Grande to catch anyone trying to cross illegally. "Criminal activity always takes advantage of those situations".

Eagle Pass, Texas, is usually a pretty quiet place.

Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala., told reporters after meeting with Trump that he believes the president will support a deal bipartisan congressional negotiators produce - as long as it meets his parameters.

It's clear that Trump won't get anything close to the $5.7 billion he's demanded for wall construction, just as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will have to depart from her view that there shouldn't be any wall funding at all.

Images from local media showed US agents with riot gear and shields standing on a bridge separating Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras.

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