Washington Offers To Lift Sanctions on Venezuela Officers Shifting to Guaido

Ann Santiago
February 7, 2019

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday demanded that Venezuela's military let in US-backed humanitarian aid, which President Nicolas Maduro has alleged is a cover for invasion.

The tractor trailers were observed on the bridge on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Guterres said he was following the crisis in Venezuela "with a lot of concern", adding that he had discussed the various initiatives put forward with the countries involved.

Shipments aree also coming from Venezuelan companies overseas, Colombia, Canada and Germany.

He said the United States would protect any senior military official who accepts Mr Guaido's legitimacy. Why should the European Union be giving ultimatums to a country?,' he said in an interview with Spanish television broadcast late on Sunday.

Prepositioning aid in warehouses or in truck convoys at border posts for weeks, or sometimes months, is common while officials negotiate safe passage.

Samaritan's Purse has operated for the past three years in Cucuta, giving food, medicine and backpacks to Venezuelans heading to Colombia on foot. She said that humanitarian volunteers would find a way to get the aid into the country regardless.

Earlier, Bolton said that the United States has no plans for an imminent military intervention in Venezuela, but all options with regard to the situation in the Latin American country remain on the table.

Last week, the U.S.

Under Maduro's stewardship, oil-dependent Venezuela has plunged into an economic crisis, suffering from hyperinflation and shortages of food and medicine.

The struggle for power in Venezuela resurged this year when congress leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president, saying Maduro's re-election in May was fraudulent. "PDVSA will redirect exports to other customers in Europe and Asia", Ronny Romero, a technical adviser to PDVSA and to Venezuela's Petroleum Ministry, as well as Venezuela's National Representative at OPEC, told the news outlet of Russian Federation, which supports Maduro in the Venezuelan political standoff.

Their meeting comes amid massive protests in Venezuela aimed at pressing Maduro, the country's socialist leader, to vacate the presidency.

Maduro, though, said humanitarian aid would be the forerunner of a US-led invasion, insisting that "no one will enter, not one invading soldier".

"We need more and more pressure on the top of the army corps, and in the top of the political dictatorship", Viera-Blanco said.

He said: 'With all the funds that the government of Venezuela has in the United Kingdom legally, and then the funds that are in the United Kingdom illegally having been stolen from the people of Venezuela by the people who are now running it, there are serious questions to be asked about what our Government is going to do make sure those monies can be returned to the proper service of the people of Venezuela'.

Maduro's government, overseeing an economic collapse that has prompted three million Venezuelans to flee the oil-rich country, lashed out at the European Union nations and said the move would affect relations with Caracas.

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