How To 'Unsend' Messages In Facebook Messenger

Kelley Robertson
February 7, 2019

Facebook said it would also allow users to report any harmful messages which are sent and then deleted for a limited time in order to prevent abuse of the feature.

"You´re not the only one!"

Facebook is introducing an unsend feature for its Messenger app, giving users the chance to recall unwanted messages for the first time.

News the feature was on its way first came out early previous year after Facebook was caught secretly deleting some of CEO Mark Zuckerberg's messages sent through the Messenger platform. Simply tap on the text you want to delete and click "Remove for Everyone" or "Remove for You".

The feature will be available for the updated versions of facebook messenger in all the androids and apple phones. "Tapping 'remove for everyone" will permanently delete the message from your chat and the receiving party's chat.

One of the countless Facebook scandals to come to light in 2018 was that of CEO Mark Zuckerberg's ability to delete messages that he had sent. Wondering how the feature works? Facebook cited the resultant increased security in Zuck's obtaining the Messenger unsend feature early.

You've likely sent a Facebook message or two and then wished, nearly immediately, that you hadn't. Once ten minutes have elapsed, you're stuck with your embarrassing typo-ridden messages forever.

Well, once you've felt the unmistakable sinking feeling of immediate regret, you have 10 minutes to delete your message. We'll confirm this once the feature is available for us to use. The company said that the Facebook Research VPN app didn't even extract data that most cookies do and that it doesn't agree with the terms "secretive" and "spy" which it was allegedly pointed with. So, if you were hoping to clear out your cringeworthy chat history from years back, you're going to be out of luck.

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