Collapse of nuclear treaty starts arms race

Saul Bowman
February 6, 2019

This most recent strike simulation comes after Russian Federation suspended the Cold War-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty following the US's announcement it would withdraw from the pact, accusing Moscow of violations.

Putin said Russian Federation will start work on creating new missiles, including hypersonic ones, and told ministers not to initiate disarmament talks with Washington, accusing the United States of being slow to respond to such moves. -Kings Bay Plowshares SevenTrump pulled out of the INF last Friday, accusing Russian Federation of violating the agreement which prohibited the development of ground-based missiles with ranges between 310 and 3,417 miles.

Nuclear weapons experts at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said in a statement this week that while Russia's violation of the INF treaty is a serious problem, USA withdrawal under current circumstances would be counterproductive.

Shoigu said a land-based version of the navy's Kalibr cruise missile and a new land-based hypersonic missile must be built in 2019 or 2020.

"We Europeans can not remain spectators of our own security", said French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly.

Ground-launched missiles were banned under the INF, but not sea or air-launched ones, which Russian Federation already possesses and that can be used to create the new systems. It said Russian Federation was violating the treaty's terms and had six months to become compliant.

Russia's defence ministry, in turn, accused the U.S. of having taken the decision to withdraw from the INF already "two years before the unfounded public accusations against Russia".

Defense experts say that because ground-based intermediate-range missiles are cheaper than sea and air-launched versions, Russian Federation could theoretically place more of them within range of European targets.

"Unfortunately, the countries of the alliance were not ready for meaningful dialogue on the Mk-41 launchers, which are located in Romania, and will appear in Poland next year, in violation of the INF Treaty". The drone is created to carry a heavy nuclear weapon that could cause a devastating tsunami wave.

Trump had said he would like to "get everybody in a big and attractive room and do a new treaty", but in the meantime, the USA "can't be put at a disadvantage".

No country has to date deployed a cruise missile using an on-board nuclear reactor, largely given the engineering challenges and safety concerns involved.

Putin also noted during Saturday's meeting that he would like the military to prepare a response to the possible deployment of weapons in space.

I do not think that we are talking here about a development of the Cold War.

Putin instructed the military to make sure the research and development works on new weapons don't swell military spending.

France is also concerned over North Korea's nuclear weapons programme and Iran's ballistic missile capabilities. "When they are ready to recognize their responsibility for the problems created by the USA policy...welcome - our doors are open, come in and let us talk, on equal terms, taking into account the interests of each other, lawful interests, but not imaginary ones". John Bolton, Trump's National Security Adviser, is a well-known foe of worldwide treaties and agreements. In any case, it seems unlikely Beijing would agree to any negotiated limits on its weaponry.

Over the past five years, Chinese forces have steadily consolidated and expanded their presence in the South China Sea through land reclamation efforts.

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